Homestead Farm Design


Homestead Farm Design, LLC is a team of agricultural professionals including grazing and range managers; practitioners and experts in livestock, poultry, greenhouses and gardens; building designers and contractors; infrastructure, road and pond contractors.


We provide consultation in whole farm design and planning. By utilizing our experience as well as our extensive network of professionals, we help our clients design and set up their farm or ranch. Consequently, we are able to save our clients time and money.

Over many years, we have observed that the design of nature is based upon relationships and patterns. Therefore, we must be able to see these patterns and understand the necessity of integration and the application of care in our farming efforts. Care of the land, animals and the people on the land is vital to sustaining life. The application of care determines that we build relationships with our clients and involve them in the design and planning process as well as educating and informing so that they fully understand the operation of their farm or ranch.


Property Selection and Site Design

Homestead Design

Farm Design

Ranch Design

Water Management, including:

Ponds & Irrigation

Drainage, Erosion Control, & Flood Protection

Keyline Cultivation

Rainwater Harvesting

Landscape Design

Edible Landscaping

Road Placement and Design

Fencing Placement and Design

Tree and Orchard Siting

Agroforestry and Woodlot Management

Soil Building & Amendments

Holistic Management & Regrarians® Method


Holistic Grazing Management

Breed Selection

Native Prairie Restoration

Agricultural Economics

Value Added Products

Home Cottage Food Products

Beef & Lamb Processing & Marketing

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